Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

Every procedure conducted at ARA, the smile boutique, is geared towards preservation of natural teeth. A single root canal treatment will involve cutting of a specific tooth from the living part of the body, failure to this could result to decay and eventually tooth loss.
This delicate procedure is made worthwhile by the various technical devices found at ARA. They reduce time taken to complete the surgery as well as the pain experienced during and after surgery. They include:

1. As the name suggests, single visit root canal treatment unless stated otherwise
2. The use of a laser during the procedure enhances recuperation
3. Digital X-rays reduces exposure to gamma rays and provides clearer images faster
4. The rotary endodontic unit guarantees faster cleaning during the operation and better sculpturing of the tooth at the end of the operation
5. Electronic apex locator measures the precise root length which in turn increases accuracy during the procedure
6. Loupes provide the dentists with magnified images throughout the operation also increasing accuracy

Cases in which root canal treatment is required:

1. Decaying of the tooth that affects the nerves
2. Severe physical injury to the tooth that may cause cracking or discoloration
3. Shaky teeth after undergoing surgery of the gum

Once the root tip has been cut off, the infected nerve is disposed of and the area is permanently sealed with an inert material. The inert material ensures the tooth is completely cut off from the living part of the body. Dental implants or posts are then used to support the tooth in place. Crowns are used to restore the natural look of the tooth after all is said and done.