Laser Teeth Whitening

A confident smile plays a great role in an individual’s self esteem, which is important to everybody throughout their life. That is why ensuring your teeth are white shouldn’t be left to chance.

Conventional teeth whitening techniques will use a bleaching solution, commonly hydrogen peroxide, alongside other bleaching gels in order to maximize the bleaching effect on teeth. This however does not guarantee one hundred percent quality results. The reason for this is that, the greater percentage of the polychromatic light’s energy, energy used during the whitening process, is lost to the environment. The environment here includes the teeth and surrounding gums. It is due to this that intra-operative and post-operative sensitivity is experienced by patients.

ARA offers laser teeth whitening which has been described as being five to six time for effective as compared to conventional teeth whitening techniques. That is, it has the ability to lighten or whiten teeth by at least five shades their initial color. Laser teeth whitening is a much faster teeth whitening process, which consequently reduces the little discomfort the patient experiences during the procedure.

As opposed to the conventional teeth whitening procedures where heat is lost, laser teeth whitening uses a laser whose wavelength output is synchronized to the whitening gel. This translates to efficient use of energy and minimal loss of heat to the teeth and gums. Consequently, a much brighter and confident smile with little or no intra-operative and post-operative sensitivity is achieved.