Invisible Braces

Opting for orthodontic care as a corrective measure on teeth is a clear indication that a patient desires to improve the way they look. Normally this would entail the use of braces, wires and certain advanced appliances that when used, would attract more attention to the teeth before the teeth attain their final desire position. At ARA a patient’s decision to receive orthodontic care is highly regarded. Specialized and personalized treatment is given to all our patients throughout the procedure to ensure a smooth transition to beautiful and healthy teeth.

We offer a preventive and interceptive orthodontic program for both adults and children as soon as their permanent teeth start sprouting. Keen interest is taken to observe growth patterns of child’s teeth so to avoid situations of bad bite later on in life.

Orthodontic help will correct:

Crooked and misplace teeth
Protruding jaws
Bad bites
Unnecessary spaces between teeth
Temporomandibular (TMJ) pains

To aid in this process ARA offers a wide range of small and unnoticeable braces. Metal braces give the patient the liberty to customize their smile by adding colorful rubber bands. For patients with cosmetic concerns, ARA Dental offers ceramic or clear braces. They are less visible thanks to the material that they are made of. Clear aligners or invisialign treat mild cases. They are ‘invisible’ plastic mouth pieces that guide the growth of your teeth into place. Since they are removable they will not affect a patient’s everyday routine.

And finally lingual braces, these are custom made braces that are not visible. They are designed to fit behind the patient’s teeth where they reposition and align the teeth completely oblivious of the outside world. These are ideal for professionals and people who are constantly in the lime light.