Full Mouth Reconstruction

This is a procedure in which multiple teeth are attended to, both in the upper and lower jaws. During this procedure several dental procedures such as inserting a bridge, whitening of teeth and inserting dental implants among others could be done. The goal of a full mouth reconstruction is to rehabilitate the mouth to its initial functionality.

At ARA, we have a sufficient number of well trained and licensed specialists who will be at the patient’s disposal when required so as to offer a quick full mouth reconstruction. These specialists include but not limited to:

Cosmetic Dentist – Performs cosmetic surgery to restore the appearance of mouth cavity

Periodontists – Gum Specialist

Orthodontist – Specializes in the location and movement of teeth

Endodontist – Attends exclusively to the pulp of the tooth

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon – Treats defects that generally affect the appearance of the face

Depending on the number of mini-procedures that a patient undergoes among other factors such as age a physical condition the recovery time will vary for each patient. The use of laser dentistry at ARA will aid the healing. At ARA, follow up checkups are available to ensure that every tooth receives sufficient attention and is properly balanced.