Dentistry for Children

At ARA, our goal is that our little patients enter our practice with a smile and leave just the same way. Special care is taken to eliminate their pain and fear, thus making them extremely comfortable. Managing children in a dental chair is a specialized task involving special behavioral management techniques that motivate the child & eliminate fear.

Importance of Baby teeth or milk teeth:
1. Foundation for healthy permanent teeth.
2. Place holders for permanent teeth.

Hence, dental visits for children should be early & frequent.

Proper brushing, flossing, regular professional cleaning and a healthy diet will ensure a healthy dentition.

Apart from the routine procedures, children may require treatments like sealants & fluoride treatment.
Sealants are thin coatings on the chewing surfaces & deep grooves of the back teeth which seal the tooth surface, creating a smooth and easy to clean surface; thus reducing the chances of decay.

In fluoride treatment, a mineral solution is applied on the tooth to strengthen it and prevent decay. If any procedure is not possible on the chair, it can also be done under general anesthesia.