Dental Implants

A dental implant is an ideal choice for the replacement of a missing or failing tooth/teeth, unless contraindicated.

It is a bio compatible titanium body placed in the jaw that acts as an artificial root to support a crown, a bridge or a denture. It provides better longevity, function and appearance than the conventional methods because it is stable, strong and preserves the natural bone.

During the procedure, the implant is placed in the jaw under local anesthesia and after a period of healing, the artificial tooth is fabricated over it. At ARA, the additional use of laser improves the healing.

Dental Implants can be used in the following ways:

Single Tooth Implant : it replaces the single missing tooth without disturbing the adjacent teeth.

Multiple Teeth Implants : they replace multiple missing teeth either by placing multiple single implants, or by placing a implant supported bridge.

Full Arch Implants : they are placed when all the teeth are missing. The replacement can be done using all single implants, implant supported bridge or an implant supported denture. Securing a denture with an implant is the best way to increase the comfort and stability of an already existing denture.