he state-of-the-art technology employed at ARA ensures that each patient is treated with the most sophisticated care.


ARA Dental, is among the very few dental clinics in Mumbai which are accredited with ISO 9001:2008. It ensures absolute infection control according to WHO norms and global specifications in dental centers, which are inspected by technical experts periodically. It also certifies that the materials and technology used at ARA are as per the global standards and specifications, thus ensuring reliability and safety of all equipments.


The use of laser marks a new era in painless dentistry. It is an amplified, high-energy light beam, which has versatile uses and advantages over conventional methods.At ARA, we use laser for the following procedures:

Gum reshaping and lightening
During root canal treatment for deep acting bacterial reduction
Healing of mouth ulcers
Lasting results for tooth sensitivity
Improved wound healing and reduced tissue trauma.
Little or no anesthesia is required for the procedure.


a. DENTAL UNITS: At ARA, we have two elegant, fully automatic dental units which are specially designed for enhanced patient comfort. They are equipped with sensor light and foot joystick control, thus maintaining hand asepsis. A monitor is attached to the unit, thus aiding a clear view of the procedure.

b. DIGITAL X-RAY UNIT WITH RVG: We use a combination of digital X-ray unit along with RVG (radiovideograph), thus reducing the x-ray exposure upto 90% and ensuring quick images within seconds. It aids instant diagnosis and also helps the patient understand the procedure better since it can be viewed directly on the monitor as a magnified image

c. INTRAORAL CAMERA: At ARA, maneuvering a small digital camera in your mouth helps us project images of your teeth instantly on a monitor; thus giving you a clear visual understanding of your dental status, the treatment needed and also the after treatment images.

d. MAGNIFIED VISION: Often minor cracks, small cavities and fine areas of wear and tear on the teeth go unnoticed to the naked eye. Magnification is very helpful in such cases, thus ensuring early diagnosis and prompt treatment. Keeping this in view, at ARA, all procedures are done using Dental Loupes that provide an intensely illuminated, 3.5x magnified image. It increases treatment quality many fold.

e. ROTARY ENDO UNIT: It is used to negotiate and shape the canals during root canal treatment.

f. ELECTRONIC APEX LOCATOR: It helps locate the exact root length, electronically.

g. ULTRASONIC SCALER: A device that uses ultrasonic vibrations to break down bacterial cell membranes and remove plaque and calculus.

h. DENTAL MATERIALS: We use the best dental materials available, to ensure comprehensive dental care of the highest quality.

i. DISTILLED WATER: At ARA, all dental procedures are carried out using 100% pure distilled water. This helps safeguard against germs and ensures that our patients are well protected.


k. PATIENT EDUCATION SOFTWARE: At ARA, we believe that dental education is the right of every patient. Thus, we take that extra effort towards patient education with the help of animations depicting the exact dental problem and the treatment needed; so that he patient is better informed and hence, more relaxed. Additional effort is taken to educate the patient regarding preventive measures, like oral hygiene methods, importance of a balanced diet and regular dental checkups.


6. Payment: We accept all major CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS.