Infection Control

Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified dental center, our highest priority is the health and safety of our patients. Hence, our primary concern is the total prevention of cross-transmission of disease causing pathogens, like HIV, HBV, among others. Keeping this in mind, we follow strict global standards and specifications of infection control; keeping in view, both, the Universal Precautions as well as the Standard Guidelines.

a. Standard Guidelines

Wherever possible, Disposable items are preferred, like syringes, surgical gloves, surgical masks, protective caps, drapes for patients, tray covers, instrument pouches, x-ray pouches, and suction tips among others. They are meant for single use and a fresh set is used for each patient.
Apart from disposable gloves, masks and caps; protective coats, and shields are always used by the staff, along with protective eyewear, both for the staff and the patients.
Double gloving is always preferred during surgeries.

b. General Infection Control

We have a dedicated staff for the overall cleaning and disinfecting of the clinic twice a day.
The entire clinic is also fumigated periodically.

All clinical contact surfaces, like computers, radiography equipment, counter tops and handles, are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each patient.
Hand Hygiene is considered the single most critical measure for reducing the risk of transmitting pathogens to patients. Hence, before and after every patient, proper hand washing is done using an antiseptic agent, followed by an alcohol based hand rub. We also follow strict surgical hand antisepsis.
We always ensure pre-procedural mouth rinsing by the patient, using an anti-bacterial mouth rinse.
The high vacuum suction, used at ARA, minimizes dissemination of droplets, splatter and aerosol.

c. Sterilization Protocol

At ARA, we know the importance of sterilization protocol for non-disposable and this is why we abide by the 4 tier sterilization protocol for items that cannot be disposed.

d. Waste Management

At ARA, along with exceptional patient care, we are equally concerned about clinic waste management. Hence, we are registered with Mumbai Waste Management Ltd.
The medical waste is packed in color coded biodegradable bags. It is collected daily by a special van and taken to the incineration site. It is then segregated and appropriately destroyed.